Throw A Luau To Make Your Next Party Easy And Memorable


Do you have a big event or milestone coming up soon for yourself or a loved one? If you are trying to think of a theme to go with your next party, the luau remains a timeless event that just about everyone will immediately understand and be into. Here are three reasons why throwing a luau could make your next party easy to set up and memorable for you and your family or friends.

It's Easy to Find Decorations

As the luau remains a timeless and popular party theme, you should have absolutely no problem finding the supplies you need to get things set up. Almost every major party store has a dedicated luau section or aisle. You can stock up on grass skirts, leis or flowers to put around people's necks and tiki masks if you really want to get into it. Don't forget a paper tablecloth that features the right colors and maybe a plastic silverware set featuring an island or palm tree theme.

Even the Menu Has Its Own Theme

After you are done decorating, it's time to move on to what kind of food, drinks or snacks you are going to serve your guests. But again, the luau comes with a pre-set theme that can make putting together a menu pretty easy. Just cut up some fresh fruits like strawberries, mangoes, melons and more to serve as your appetizer or random snack. If you want to get fancy, try grilling some pineapple and letting people create their own unique fruit sandwiches. You can of course serve any other kind of food you want with this, but as long as you have some fresh or tropical looking items, no one is going to complain.

Dancing, Limbo and More

Once everyone is fed and decked out in their luau attire, it's time to break out the party games. No luau is complete without at least one limbo contest. After that, you can clear the dance floor and start showing off your moves. If you really want to take your luau to the next level, consider hiring a professional entertainer. A luau entertainer is likely an expert at Hawaiian dancing and might even be able to narrate or give advice during the limbo contest. 

If you are looking for a unique party idea that will be memorable for you and your friends well into the future, you can't go wrong with a luau. A luau comes with a specific theme that is easy to put together and you might even be able to hire a professional luau entertainer to help you dance the night away.


20 February 2019

A Successful Corporate Event

More than fourteen years ago, I graduated from college. I earned both bachelor's and graduate degrees in business. During my coursework, I learned about the importance of corporate events. Sometimes, these types of events are planned for employees in a company. On other occasions, corporate events are organized to attract prospective new clients. Regardless of the reason for planning a corporate event, scheduling the perfect type of entertainment is crucial. Therefore, you should try to book an exciting entertainer such as a singer, a musician, a magician, or a comedian for these types of affairs. On this blog, I hope you will discover how hiring an entertainer can make your next corporate event a success. Enjoy!